About Ajay Paghdal

Ajay Paghdal

Who is this Guy?

Ajay Paghdal is the founder two SEO businesses.

In 2012, he was unsure where his life was going, struggling with his career, and wanting more freedom.

Now, after many failures and lessons from the school of hard knocks, things are better.

Ajay founded OutreachMama in 2016, a blogger outreach and link building service. And within 8 months, he’d grown the company to over $90,000 a month in revenue using his own service as the primary growth engine while documenting the entire process.

In 2017, he launched an off-pgae SEO SaaS, Linkio.

He shares the entrepreneurial journey on his Journey to SaaS podcast.

Entrepreneurial Journey

Cool Timeline


May 3

December 2012

I purchase my first $35 online business course… Thus taking my first step into the fast-paced world of online business.

May 3

March 2013

I invest $30,000 into expired and old domains, trying to rank them for profit… I make $500/month, my first real profit online.

May 3

August 2013

Annoyed but not derailed by Google’s penalties, I start a full service SEO agency, Youth Noise, and quickly begin making $2,000/month.

May 3

June 2013

Google penalizes all of my sites and my profits go out the window… Ouch!

May 3

January 2015

Our company hits $10,000/month…

May 3

August 2014

BOOM! My first big win. The agency ranks #1 for NJ SEO… The hard work is finally starting to pay off.

May 3

March 2016

The agency is profitable, but it’s not growing the way I want. With the majority of the systems completely automated, I am left with an excess of free time for introspection and I quickly realize that I want to start a second business. This time a solo venture that can grow into a more sale-able asset…

May 3

September 2015

We are earning $90,000/month in revenue and officially consider ourselves a 7-figure agency… This is a HUGE win for me and the company.

May 3

September 2016

I start OutreachMama, the solo endeavor, with 1 project manager, 1 sales person, no cashflow, no brand, no partners, and no idea what to expect.

May 3

March 2017

My company hits $90,000+/mo in revenue and I’m on pace to be a proud owner of a second 7-figure marketing agency. It’s at this point where I break ground on the third company, Linkio, and start on a whole new pathway.

May 3

November 2016

To my delight (and amazement) it’s working! My company is growing at a rapid pace and I am forced to expand my team hiring new project managers and freelancers to handle the extra workload.

May 3

July 2017

Along with my development team, I launch the free version of the Linkio beta tool to the world! You can hear the rest of the story on my podcast, Journey to SaaS.

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